Sep 8, 2023

First offline hackathon experience

This was my first offline hackathon. It was conducted by iNeuron in collaboration with GitHub.

I had to skip two exams to attend this hackathon! But it was definitely worth it.

This was probably my best day in my entire coding journey. It was filled with surprises and unexpected shout-outs from great Youtube teachers like Hitesh Choudhary, Telusko’s Naveen Reddy and many more.

I sleep a lot, but I never imagined even in my wildest dreams that I will be awake for 24hrs straight!!! Though I slept for 45 mins at around 3 am. 45 is the duration of each class, so it’s naturally also my usual power nap duration 🤪

Here are some clips from Youtube:

Unexpected shoutout

Everything started from Hitesh Choudhary noticing me!

Hitesh Choudhary called me on his Youtube channel!

Project demo

Here’s me showing the demo of the resume builder that I built in 24hrs!

The winning moment

I was not expecting any prize because other teams built really cool stuff like ML model that cloned Hitesh’s voice to spanish and restaurant management system with built-in real time chat - all in 24 hours!!